Electric Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager

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Product Description:

This Electric Anti Wrinkle Eye Massager helps with all your wrinkles around your eyes. Three massage modes, triple healing power. The anti aging eye massager works on rejuvenation and improvement of the elasticity of the eye area. 10000 times high-frequency vibration per minute. All functions can open the pores, which absorb the eye cream or eye fluid with more ion efficiency. There is an Electronic screen to see data, to guarantee accuracy. This is a unique modern design from our massager. You can follow the models and the temperature of the product at any time. Compact & Durable, great design. It’s small, light and easy to carry – perfect for a holiday. With rechargeable battery you can use it for a long time. Suitable for all skin types.

Explaining the Modes

Mode 1:

Massage with sound wave vibration + heat treatment + red light therapy. Triple-effect treatment, whitening and rejuvenation, improving eye contour elasticity. Calm the eyes with 10000 high-frequency sound wave vibration per minute, giving you a comfortable massage feeling, detoxifying collagen regeneration

Mode 2:

Heat treatment + red light therapy. Heat treatment is around 37-45 ℃, detoxify the blood, reduce eye fatigue. Relieve dark circles and bags under eyes, smooth the fine eye wrinkles, tighten the corner of the eye.

Mode 3:

Massage with sound wave vibration + heat treatment. High-frequency sound wave vibration and 37-45 degree heat treatment, rebuild your skin collagen, tighten your pores, relieve bags under your eyes, smooth the fine eye wrinkles, activate lifeless skin, accelerate the absorption of nutrients. Temperature control. Temperature rule consists of 9 Grades.

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Additional information



Power Source

Rechargeable Battery


Eye massage

Manufacturing Process

Machine Made


Eye massager

Standard Voltage



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